The Most Effective Types of Marketing

Posted By on March 6, 2017

2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Effective marketing is very much the same today as it was 100 years ago.

Most business owners would be shocked to hear this but it is true.  Great marketing is based on psychology.  If you get into the head of your customer and can speak to that person in a manner that resonates with them, then you win.  You grow your revenue and sales.  And you make a lot of money.

What has changed about marketing is the channels or platforms.  Does copywriting still work?  Why yes, of course, it does.

Only now copy is on digital media like websites, videos, and social media, and not so much in newspapers.  Why not newspapers?  Because that’s not where the attention is right now.  Traditional newspapers are almost completely extinct.  The attention has gone digital.  Everyone’s eyeballs are on their phones and computers.  This is where effective marketing strategies need to be deployed.

Now let’s talk about three of the most effective types or platforms for digital marketing:

Social Media

Ever since the rise of Facebook, businesses large and small have been trying to figure out how to market themselves on social media.  Most have done a terrible job.  But that is starting to change.  Businesses have finally recognized that social media is a channel and a strategy.

Social media is a cheap and effective way to reach a wide audience.  The problem is that often marketing messages annoy instead of interest the audience.  Not good.  Not good at all.  The marketers that figure out that social media is a great way to interact with a core audience, to listen and give feedback that adds value to the customer,  are the companies that win with social.

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There are 3 and ½ billion searches on Google a day.  A Day!  That is a very large number.  The attention is definitely on Google.

Why?  Because it’s so easy.

You can just ask your phone, “Ok Google.  What’s the weather like in Cleveland?” or you can do what I just did and go to and enter in the search bar, “how many Google searches per day?”  Google instantly answers just about any question you have.  It’s so easy and useful most people can’t live without it.

So how does a business owner take advantage of the massive attention on Google?  Well, Adwords is the primary way Google makes money.  A business will pay Google to have an ad appear at the top of a search result for something like “water damage restoration in Cleveland.”  Google will charge the business every time their ad gets clicked on.  It doesn’t matter if that person calls the business or makes a purchase.  It only counts if they click.  This model is called Pay Per Click.  Once the business stops paying Google, the ad disappears.

An alternative to Pay Per Click is SEO.  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  When a business website is optimized for searches it appears at the top of the search results without paying Google.  So if you are looking for “roof installation in Cleveland”, the first website that appears on the search that is not a Google ad is using SEO services.  The advantage SEO has over Pay Per Click is that the business doesn’t pay every time a searcher clicks on their website.  The business pays to get their website to the top of search results, then they stop paying.  Most business owners get a far better ROI with SEO than with Pay Per Click.


There is no denying the power of video.  That’s why the television became so popular all over the world.  There is no better medium for conveying a message than video.

Video has evolved.  It’s no longer owned by a few big TV corporations.

Video is in the hands of everyone with a phone.  Video is everywhere.  The internet is dominated by video.  One of the top 3 largest websites in the world is YouTube, which is a video sharing service.  Social media has run wild with video.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat all allow the users to post videos.  SnapChat even started as an app that only allowed short video messages.


If a business can learn to tell a good story on video, they will win.

But this goes with all these new forms of marketing.  Which is just the same as all the old forms of marketing.  If a business can tell a good story, and add value to the customer, user, or searcher, then the business wins.

This is easier said than done, but with effort and patience marketing done right on social media, Google, and video will really increase a company’s bottom line.

Electric Cars

Posted By on February 25, 2017


Where is all the interest in Electric Cars?  It seems from this Google graph that around the time of the great financial crisis, there was a massive spike in interest for electric cars.

This seems weird, because so far, electric cars seem more expensive than regular cars, so if there is a financial crunch and a lot of people are poor, why are they interested in more expensive forms of transport?  I don’t know.

Moving on.

Shortly after the financial crisis, Tesla released the Model S and that was a big deal for electric cars.

Then this happened:

Do Tesla’s catch on fire?  Who knows.  I doubt it.  “The News” is just there to scare people.  That’s all they’re doing in that video.

So what does the future hold for electric cars, especially after the cost of gasoline fell making regular cars even cheaper?

Who knows?  But we are sure going to keep an eye out, just because we think electric cars are the cutting edge of technology.  And because we think they’re awesome.